Best Yoga Mats in 2019

Yoga mats are an important element of people practicing yoga. There are plenty of yoga mats available in the market with varying features and selecting the ideal one can be tricky. I have not listed any cork yoga mats in my top 5 selections below, if you’re interested in a cork yoga mat please find more information over at fitness equipment reviews. Each user may have different preferences which may make it difficult for one type of yoga mat to fit everyone. Some of the best yoga mats currently available in the market are discussed below:

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

Manduka Pro yoga mat is one of the thickest and most dense mats available in the market. this is a closed cell mat manufactured from non-toxic PVC and is free from latex. The standard mat size is 71”x24” and weighs about 7.5 pounds. It provides excellent grip and cushioning to the users. This mat is a bit difficult to carry around due to its size and bulky weight.

Aurorae Printed Yoga Mat

These yoga mats come with beautiful and colorful prints. These are lightweight and provide excellent grip to the users. The thickness of the yoga mat is ideal-neither too thin nor too thick. Each of these mats have a focal point on the top which lets the users focus and align their bodies for various yoga poses.

Jade Harmony Professional

This is an open cell mat manufactured from natural rubber from the rubber trees. It does not contain any PCV, EVA, or other synthetic rubbers. It comes in 2 different size options and weigh about 5 pounds. Since it is made of rubber there is likely to be a strong odor for about 2 weeks which will slowly fade away. This mat absorbs sweat better and is more slip-resistant than most other yoga mats.

Gaiam Print Premium

This yoga mat is made from biodegradable material and does not contain any harmful materials like rubber, silicone, latex etc. It also ensures no emission of toxic chemicals and gases. The mat is compact and lightweight at 3.2 pounds only. This yoga mat comes with non-slip surface which provides good grip and comfort to the users. Since this mat is made from resin materials, it is odorless and also does not absorb odor easily which is good for users who sweat excessively. It comes in 12 color options.

Balance from GoYoga

The Balance yoga mat from GoYoga is perfect for beginners. This is a good entry-level yoga mat which provides reasonable quality and features to the users at an affordable price. It comes with a free carry strap which makes it convenient to carry along. It is a thick mat which provides additional cushioning to the users. However, it is not suitable for advanced yoga poses.