Body Rider Elliptical Review

The Body Rider Elliptical is a good elliptical machine which allows the users to work out both the upper and lower body simultaneously. It is compactly and sturdily designed and provides good comfort and ease in workouts. The major pros and cons of the equipment are discussed below:


The major pros of the Body Rider Elliptical are as follows: (Taken from Fitness Equipment Reviews)

Convenient Workout

The elliptical trainer is designed in user-friendly manner. The design is ergonomic providing excellent comfort to the users. The handlebars are textured and provide good grip while working out. the users can workout on this elliptical trainer without facing any difficulties or discomfort. It also comes with a display for providing basic details like the distance covered, time covered, calories burnt etc.

Excellent Adjustability

The dual handle action bars in this elliptical trainer provide great flexibility to the users for adjusting the trainer for suiting their workout needs. The dual handle action bars are very effective in allowing the users to workout both their upper and lower bodies at the same time. the friction on the machine can also be customized by the control knob attached to the friction belt. This provides the flexibility of choosing the desired level of resistance to the users based on their workout requirements.

Low/No Impact Technology

The equipment comes with the patented elliptical motion technology which ensures that there is minimal to no negative impacts of workout. It protects the users from the side-effects or damages of a rigorous workout. 

Convenient and Sturdy Design

The Body Rider Elliptical has good build quality and is durable. It can easily take the daily wear and tear of an intensive workout schedule. It comes with a convenient foldable design which means that the users can fold it and keep it compactly when not in use. This is very beneficial for people running short on space in their homes.


The Body Rider Elliptical has some drawbacks as well which are provided below:

Foot Slippage

The foot pedals are designed with a downward slant/slope. This may lead to minor slippages for some of the users. They can use closed-toe shoes to overcome this minor problem.

Basic Display
The LCD screen is basic and provides only elementary data. It cannot be synced to other fitness apps and lacks Bluetooth connectivity. However, these features should not be expected in this price range.


The Body Rider Elliptical is a basic equipment and offers comfortable and effective workouts. It provides great value for money too. It is well built, comes with a foldable design and meets most of the requirements from a basic elliptical machine. This is a recommended buy considering its features and the price.