Best Bike Helmets in 2019

Helmets are an integral accessory for bikers as it provides the much-needed safety and comfort while riding. It is also made mandatory by many governments to wear a helmet while riding a bike. There are numerous options for the customers for bike helmets and selecting the best helmet is paramount for safety and comfort. Some of the best helmets available in the market are as follows:

Giro Synthe

The Giro Synthe is a great bike helmet with the perfect blend of aerodynamics, ventilation, low weight, and sleek styling. It is one of the most preferred bike helmets of professional cyclist globally. The helmet weighs 250 grams for the medium size and uses specially designed retention system which ensures that it fits the way the rider likes it. Its special aerodynamic design ensures that the wind either flows over it or into the 26 vents it has to provide cooling to the rider.

POC Octal

The Octal is considered the safest bike helmet. It is lightweight at 255 grams for a medium size. It is made using a unibody shell construction and is highly aerodynamic. It has large vents across the front which ensures flow of air and providing cooling to the rider. It offers additional protection to the temples and the back of the head. The EPS liner is also strategically thicker in most of the exposed areas. It has integrated sunglass holder and adjustable straps for greater comfort.

Schwinn Thrasher

This helmet is very comfortable and stylish without compromising on any safety features. It has 21 integrated vents which keep the riders cool on hottest days. It has moisture wicking pads inside to fight sweat and keep the rider comfortable. It has easily adjustable webbing on the inside to allow the riders the perfect fit while riding. It has a built-in visor and comes in three color options.

Lazer Z1 MIPS

The Lazer Z1 MIPS is a highly efficient bike helmet in terms of its performance in varied conditions. It has built-in MIPS (multi-directional impact protection system) technology to provide additional protection to the riders. It weighs 225 grams and comes with 31 air vents to provide adequate cooling to the rider. It also comes with a transparent removable aeroshell.

Kask Protone

The Kask Protone is a popular helmet perfectly combining the integral elements of weight, aerodynamics, and ventilation. It weighs only 215 grams but offers all the safety features which other heavier helmets provide. It is a versatile helmet and can be used in different terrains without any compromise on safety or comfort.